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I am very happy to help promote MiHylands.com new website, featuring Hyland's homeopathic remedies.

A bit about Hyland's background:
Hyland's started in 1903. For generations, Hyland's has been a trusted, safe, and effective provider of homeopathic medicines for babies, kids, and adults. It is a wonderful health source to find great products for your family!

In celebration of MiHylands.com, The Happy Baby Blog is hosting a giveaway in which one lucky giveaway participant will win a basket with Hyland's baby products, worth almost $100.

Can't wait to win? You can search for your closest retailer here: FIND

Visit MiHylands.com to read about all their products, or just to thank them for sponsoring this giveaway.

  • For Spanish: Click on the "Productos" tab, and then "Bebes" on the "Por Edad" menu to the right.
  • For English: Click on the "Baby" tab on the top menu.

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Now, enter for your chance to win: GIVEAWAY LINK

Good Luck,

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