Look w-hooo flew our way!

My husband's family has a very fond feeling for owls. This is why we decided to incorporate owls in the themes we have chosen for our future baby nursery. If we have a boy, we chose a theme that had gnomes, forest animals, and owls. If we have a girl, we chose mermaids and fairies, and forest animals, which also include owls. Therefore, every time we see a baby product that incorporates any of the above mentioned features, it immediately catches our attention.

This summer, Al the Owl was flying on a journey from which I was hoping he would fly our way. I felt very excited when he dropped by and we finally got to meet him. We gladly welcomed him into our home to become part of our family.

A bit of History:
Al the Owl, is a RecordablePal(TM) created by Elli & Nooli(TM). It all started with a mommy trying to sooth her little one into slumber. However, the only thing that would work was mommy's voice. With the help of her father, they came up with a great and functional recordable design which was able to play mommy's voice, having excellent results among other mommies that also tried the product.

Records a message up to 20 seconds long.
Plays a loop of your recording for 30 minutes
Easy button operation.
Requires 3 AA batteries.
Battery life lasts about 100 hours.

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I love the simplistic design. It is not complex, which helps a lot with the visuals around our nursery plans. The colors are soft, therefore it makes me feel more at ease that it will not disturb the baby visually. It is very easy to operate, and has very easy to follow instructions both in writing as well as in graphics. I love that it may easily blend with other nursery's decorations. I also like that it has an on an off switch in the recording device inside the zipper, so that it can save battery when not in use, or avoid accidentally pressing on the button when moving it around.

The fact that it was a Silver Winner in the 2013 National Parenting Publications Awards, makes me feel confident that we have a good quality product in our home.

Likes about the company:
I like the optimism that the staff at Elli & Nooli(TM) shows, and the creativity in promoting their products. They always bring a smile in my face when I get to read any of their posts in social media.

Area for improvement:
At the moment the only thing where I see an area for improvement is in the package. I think that finding the safety information would be easier if the word "Warning" or "Safety Information" was in a bold font and used as a tittle over this information which you can find at the back of the package. The information is there and it is clear. I just find it easier and faster to get to when you see the bold title.

Other than that, I don't have anything negative to say about this product or company so far. We do not have a baby yet to test the results, therefore this is more of a preview, in which we wanted to share with our readers that Elli & Nooli(TM)'s RecordablePal(TM) is a great option for those parents having trouble with their little ones going to sleep.  To be honest, I feel this is a great tool for when Grandma or Grandpa are babysitting, because you can leave your voice message recorded so your little one thinks you are there too. Or even the other way around, record Grandma and Grandpa's voice, so that the little one familiarizes with their voice and knows who they are, especially if they live far away.

Like with every item used around your children, always be aware that there are dangers. Please, please, please read the safety information before use. This is NOT A TOY, and should not be left for kids to play with it as such. It should not be used as a pillow, and it should not be submerged under water, as it has an electrical device inside which is the battery operated recorder. For further information on the safety handling of this item, please visit Elli & Nooli (TM)'s website.

Do you feel interested in this product? You can find it on Amazon through the link below.
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Disclaimer: We were not compensated for writing this blog post. However, we did receive the product described in this post as a prize on a giveaway hosted on Elli&Nooli (TM)'s facebook page. The content of this post includes my honest opinion, however, we invite you to read other people's reviews and experiences so that you can make a better informed decision. The content (experience) in this blog post belongs to The Happy Reviewers blog and is protected under copyright laws.

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