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First things first. In this post I will be sharing the way we have been doing chilaquiles for a while now. Keep in mind that everyone does chilaquiles in a different way, and this is the way we make them, because it is convenient, cheaper than making them from scratch, really quick to do, and organic. With this in mind, let me share the simple ingredients used, and the organic products that are making our life much easier.

Great organic products that we use for making chilaquiles:

A few months ago, we discovered "Organic Que Pasa Tortilla Chips". Though we have been eating organic chips for a while, I must say that this brand is my favorite. Sometimes other brands are a little tasteless, and I don't believe that organic means no flavor. This chips are great! They taste amazing by themselves, and the best part is tat they are perfect for doing chilaquiles when you are not going to be making corn tortillas from scratch. You can use any corn tortillas you want, however, we are sharing our organic preference. Plus you don't have to pre-fry them to make them crunchy. This brand has red, yellow, and blue corn chips. The ones shown in the photo are the red type, however for the chilaquiles last night we used the yellow ones. They turn red with the sauce anyways, so just keep that in mind.

My husband decided to make a very spicy pepper sauce some time ago, that consisted of mainly ancho peppers, but it was very hot to bare, therefore we decided to add about 1/3 a cup of that spicy pepper sauce to one can of "Muir Glen's Organic Tomato Sauce", and that made the perfect sauce for our chilaquiles. They were spicy, but we were not feeling worried about what would happen later once dinner got digested. Otherwise it would have been the cruel reality, lol. You can use any type of sauce you want, but the idea is that it has to be tomato sauce and have some ancho peppers. I would suggest experimenting until you find the right blend that fits your family's needs. If you don't want it hot at all, just use your can of tomatoes, and add spices to make it flavorful, and that should be good. As I mentioned before, everyone has their own way of making chilaquiles and that involves the sauce. Some people even use green salsa, and that tastes as good as the red if you ask me.

We never have chilaquiles if we don't have sour cream, therefore, it was imperative to get some, and it also had to be organic, and that is how we found "Nancy's cultured sour cream". I really liked this brand a lot, and now I am afraid it will maliciously disappear later this week--along with some chips and salsa. All I can say is that by knowing it has live cultures, I won't feel guilty about it at all.

The easy steps to make this quick dinner are:

  1. Slightly saute your onions. I use olive oil for that. It shouldn't take more than 3-4 minutes in medium to high temperature.
  2. Pour your chips over the slightly sauteed onions.
  3. Pour your sauce. If your sauce is very thick, add about a cup of water, just be careful. Too much water would turn your chilaquiles into a mush.
  4. Cover your pan for about 3 to 4 minutes so that the sauce evaporates and makes the chips softer. Any longer will make your chips loose their crunchiness. If you want them really soft, just leave them a couple of minutes longer.
  5. Open your pan and mix well, so that the sauce is incorporated all over. And add olives if you prefer.
  6. Add your favorite cheese, turn off the fire, and cover again for another 3-4 minutes to allow the cheese to melt all over your chilaquiles.

We like to make "Pico de gallo" or as my husband calls it "Pico" as a side dish with our chilaquiles. You can easily make this by chopping tomatoes, onions, adding cilantro, some salt, and lime juice. There is no exact recipe for this, you make it to your taste. If you like more of something, you add that more of something. Usually it would be about equal amounts of chopped onions and tomatoes, a handful of chopped cilantro, and about 1/3 cup of lime juice. However, some people also like adding chopped jalapeño peppers. We don't need to make it hotter, since the chilaquiles sauce is already hot. So for this particular "Pico de gallo" sauce, we skipped the chopped jalapeño peppers. It should look something like in the picture below. This also makes great guacamole salsa, all you need to add to these previous ingredients, about 3 or 4 avocados, depending on how much you want of it, and about a table spoon of sour cream to make it creamier. The lime helps preserve the avocado in the guac, so that it does not turn brown.

Some people like adding shredded chiquen to the chilaquiles, However, we like to eat them with eggs. We just scramble some organic eggs, and add it as our second side dish. Oh yeah--and don't forget to add the delicious sour cream to your chilaquiles. Enjoy!

Have you ever eaten chilaquiles before? If so, did you like them? Do you make your own version of chilaquiles? I would love to know how you make them, and if you could share in a comment I am sure that other readers would really appreciate it.

I hope you liked learning about some organic ingredients that are available and that are definitely a must-have in our home, especially during chilaquile night. Remember to have a beautiful day, and to smile because it is contagious!

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