Chaotic, but exciting experience buying a particular doll this week

As some of you may know, I love collecting dolls, among them barbie(R) dolls. This week has been a little chaotic, because in celebration of Tokidoki (R)´s 10th anniversary, both Tokidoki(R) and Barbie(R) joined super designer power to bring a new doll, which I personally have been anxiously waiting for. I am sure that collectors from both brands had been waiting for a while to see if the rumors were true. I know I was! The date was set for September 1st 2015.
Image created as FanArt by Missha Vara (copyrights of the brand belong to both Barbie (R) and Tokidoki(R), the graphic's copyrights belong to The Happy Baby Blog's Missha Vara)

In preparations to avoid breaking down the internet, or at least Barbie (R)´s servers, they arranged for individuals to wait for the sale in a virtual "waiting room", from which you would have the chance to buy the doll.

The problem was that the release was not just for one doll, but two, and most of the people were aiming for the hard to find doll. The black label doll´s predominance is in the color pink, while the platinum label doll´s predominant colors were purple. I honestly hoped to be lucky enough to find the purple one. Not because it was the platinum one. It was a matter of, I don´t really like pink! Sorry Barbie (R), I tend to break the rules for you, but in reality, I think I enjoy variety in my dolls.

Anyways, I got scared because the night before the sale, my husband had to reset our router, which meant that I was going to be disconnected from the "waiting room" OH NO! Good thing was that it didn't affect much. At 9am, when the countdown was over, I think the webpage only refreshed about 4 times, and 3 minutes passed 9am, I was already in the shopping page. Well, that wasn't that bad. I added the Tokidoki(R) Barbie (R) black label doll, and started searching for the platinum one. It was taking so long, and I really didn't get the clues to find the page faster, considering that there was a lot of remodeling on the site, so I decided to just go for it and check out before I ran out of luck. I don't know how long it took for the platinum dolls to get sold out. I read in different venues online, where people were saying that in the first few minutes it was gone. I know for sure that after 24 minutes, the pink version was sold out. However, about half an hour later, they opened the sale again, because it was available once more to finally be sold out by next day.

I was happy to learn that I didn't have to wait much to receive a shipping confirmation. Like other dolls I have been collecting, I did not receive a "Pre-order" notice, which was awesome, because that meant I would get my Tokidoki(R) doll by next week, super yay! I have been searching ever since September 1st, for the purple version in other retailers, but the only one I found it at was a big-box-toy store, and it was already sold out. Geese, just makes me wonder how many dolls they had by store, considering that apparently there were only 1000 dolls made.

For the most part, I am sad that I did not get the purple version. I know that a lot of other collectors share my feeling. However, I got lucky that I got the pink version, and can add it to my collection. Who knows, maybe in the future I get to find the purple version in an accessible and understandable price. I can only imagine the crazy prices we would find them at on a popular online auction site. In the mean time I will only say this to those who found and were able to purchase the Platinum label doll; "Well done, well done!" Plus a congratulations on  the skill to find the doll on the site, and cleverness to be quick enough to check-out before someone else beat them to the challenge.

You might not be able to find this doll anymore on the official barbie collector's website, however, there are other online retailers where you might still find the black label doll. Good luck!

Did you get any of the dolls? Would love to know. If you had the time and money, would you had bought this doll? Yes, no, and why? Thank you for sharing, and I will be uploading photos and do my traditional unboxing video once I get the doll. Until then, smile! Because it is contagious.

Disclosure: I was not compensated to write this post. The experience and opinion is 100% my own. Trademarks of brands are copyrighted by them. The image used in this post is FanArt, I made in representation of the item described on the blog post. This post contains affiliate links that help provide the means to support free content in this blog. Thank you for your support.

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