A sweet review with See's Candies

Disclosure: We were not compensated for writing this post. The gift card was a gift from a relative as a Christmas gift, which we got to enjoy, and to which we decided to share our honest opinion.

There is no shame in saying it. I love chocolates, and I try to stay away from them as much as I can really enjoy them during special occasions. I think that makes it more special to have them.

Last year, we got a gift card for a pound of chocolates from See's Candies. Though we have one right down the street, the year was kind of crazy, therefore we ended up using it this long after. Since we waited so long, we were even more excited to have our treat. Almost like a child waiting for Christmas Eve. It was my first time ever at a See's Candies shop. I must say that it was lovely from the moment we stepped in.

I really enjoyed the feel at the store. It was like if we were transported automatically to another era. I really, really liked that bit. That was not the best part of the beginning. Though there were several customers, we were greeted by most of the staff. I do have to emphasis on how wonderful it is to feel welcomed to a business like we were at this particular store. I don't know if it is that way in any of the other places, but this was our experience here. Before we even knew where to begin, we were offered a sample chocolate, and of course, who were we to refuse? Who is anyone to refuse such temptation? Definitely not us. There were so many different types of chocolates, for a moment there I felt like holding a golden ticket to famous candy factory. For our first time using a gift card, we really didn't know where to start, but everyone in the staff was willing to help us.

We then decided to make our own personalized box rather than just getting one pre-made. I thought that was an ingenious and fantastic feature. It is perfect for when people have certain preferences with chocolates, and/or allergies. This was great news to me, because I don't really care for chocolate covered cherries, which end up always in these types of chocolate boxes. Being able to choose was just the wisest and best option for us.

I thought that the seals that were added to close the box were rather fancy. I liked the way it makes it more personal, and it being golden, just adds a luxurious embellishment to the box that identifies the brand.

Inside the box:
Since you get to choose different pieces, they add the bubble wrap to protect the candy, which is clever considering that this may end up being a gift. You can also find an allergen notice, like you would with any other candy box.

These were the chocolates we picked:
Dark Bordeaux, Raspberry Truffle, Dark Chocolate Chip Truffle, Dark Walnut, Dark Pattie, Milk Chocolate Pecan Bud, Milk Butterchew, Dark Chocolate Pecan Bud, and Dark Buttercream. We had a couple of others that we did not choose, but that was mainly because we couldn't decide and the staff was making some suggestions. We were opened to that, and grateful for all the help.

These were some of our thoughts when trying the chocolates we chose:

  • Dark Bordeaux - Was okay, not our favorite.
  • Raspberry Truffle - I thought it was a delicious hint of raspberry melting your senses with a flavorful chocolaty rush.
  • Dark Chocolate Chip Truffle - Too rich in flavor. Very delicious, but would only have one with no other as a treat for a while.
  • Dark Walnut - I really liked the texture of this chocolate.
  • Dark Pattie (peppermint) - These are my husband's favorites, so while I had the Raspberry Truffles, he delighted himself with the peppermint dark patties, which he really, really enjoyed.
  • Milk Chocolate Pecan Bud -I liked this. I can't say if I liked the dark chocolate or milk one better. They both taste different. However, both my husband and I felt like they had the right amount of caramel, so the flavor wasn't overpowered by the caramel part.
  • Milk Butterchew - Okay, but not quite what was expected.
  • Dark Chocolate Pecan Bud
  • Dark Buttercream - Tastes very good. It was creamy, and according to my husband; it had the perfect blend of sweet filling and chocolaty covering. 

If you were to go, you can take a look at the variety of chocolates they have, so you can have an idea of what they have through this link: 
Overall, we enjoyed of these chocolates for a week. Yes, I know, they were gone way too quick. The matter of truth is, it's the Holidays and it is okay to have a treat like this every now and then. This was our little Holiday spoil, and we had patiently been waiting for it most of the year. We would totally do it again, and my husband said he wanted to go again in two weeks. I don't know how long those would last, but I know for sure that this time I would know exactly what chocolates I want, and I will try my best to just enjoy the delicate flavors as a very special treat.

I did not feel there were issues that needed improvement. I truly don't know how it is in other stores, but I do want to thank the staff at the Escondido See's Candies shop. I really appreciated their help, and the delightful experience we had on what was my very first visit. I would definitely recommend the place, and remember it whenever I want to treat someone. Now I understand why my husband's family makes one last stop there before they go back to their homes when they are flying in and out to different states.

I would like to know, has any of you tried See's Candies? If so, which is your favorite piece, and why? We were sure to order some Chocolate buds or Turtles, because they remind me of my grandmother. They were perfect, not too much caramel, which made them even more special to me.

Disclosure: We were not compensated for writing this post. The gift card was a gift from a relative as a Christmas gift, which we got to enjoy, and to which we decided to share our honest opinion.

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