Gotta have my doll! Review of services

As I mentioned in my previous post (which you can read here), I had been looking for a while for a doll that I really wanted--more like--I needed her. I have been collecting dolls for most of my life, and I felt this was a perfect gift for myself.

The only problem was that I couldn't find the doll anywhere online at a reasonable price. Most of the retailers were selling her for 50% more of the original price and up. I just couldn't afford her that way. That is when I attracted the opportunity by bumping into a Gotta Toy.

And there she was. Only one in stock and waving at me. The price was perfect! It was almost like if I had bought her from the original retailer on sale, plus the shipping cost. Of course I did not hesitate to buy her. This time I had the money and the need to add her to my precious doll collection was immense.

What I liked:
I was very happy to see that Gotta Toy had a diverse array of collectible toys, not only dolls, which gave me a great source to purchase future special gifts for my family and friends who also collect different items. The prices were good, and their service was as good as could be expected, in my opinion.

I loved that I was able to pay through paypal, because I get a little paranoid about sharing my billing information with companies that I barely know. This gave me a sense of trust with Gotta Toy, plus I knew I was also protected under paypal's buyer protection plans.

Communications were smooth and continuous throughout the transaction. I was notified of the charges, and got my receipts to my email account right away.

As mentioned before, shipping was free. I don't know if they always have free shipping, or if it depends on the amount of your purchase, but I was very pleased that I didn't have to pay extra for the doll.

Shipping time was amazing. I just couldn't believe that in two days I had the doll at my doorstep. In fact, when the mailman arrived with the box, I had no clue of what it was, since I was not expecting my doll so soon. Especially because it came from Texas and I live in California. When I saw the source I was blown away and just couldn't contain my smile. I was jumping up and down like a little kid trying to open their first Christmas present.

Right away I opened the box and there she was, ready to be part of my collection and display case.

Things that could improve:
As far as my experience went through Gotta Toy's service, it all went as expected. It was great and it went smooth. The only flaw that I found was that when I opened my box, the receipt inside was for another product. Therefore, I was freaking out thinking that they had shipped the wrong doll by accident. Luck for me, the mistake was only in the receipt and I did get the doll I ordered. That was the only thing I found that there could be a bit of improvement in. Being a bit more careful regarding this matter, after all, collectors tend to over-react and freak out about issues that may come from their collectible items. The wait is the worse, so if I had gotten the wrong item and had to ship back, I would have been very disappointed. Lucky me, it wasn't the case.

Other than that, I will definitely buy from them again in the future.
Do you collect anything? I would love to hear about your collectibles in a comment below. If you want to read more about the doll I bought click on the link (LINK).

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