Hoping to find the doll I wanted for my collection

Ever since I was little, I started collecting different things; trading cards, stamps, coins, books, comic-books, and toys. Among those toys I had action figures and dolls. Most of the dolls that I collected and continue to collect are Barbie® Dolls, because it was something that I feel connects me with my mother's childhood. My first dolls included some vintage dolls my mom had, plus my own. I was taught by my mom that if I really take care of my toys, that one day my children could enjoy them too. Worried about how economy tends to drastically change and affect entire families, I thought that collecting different things added value to your goods. You ended up having something that in case of an emergency you could sell, and let someone else enjoy.

As you can see, I have some vintage Barbie® dolls, some that are reproductions of vintage dolls, and even some one of a kind (OOAK) dolls too. I restored the one in the mauve silky fabric. It was a fun process.

I also collect special dolls. Those that are anniversary and holiday dolls are very close to my heart, because they remind me of Christmas, and knowing that Santa was going to be kind enough to bring me a beautiful Barbie® doll. Most of the dolls I have out of their boxes are rescue dolls. The ones in their boxes, I was lucky enough to purchase when they were being sold by the creators of this brand of dolls.

A few years ago, a beautiful Barbie® doll came out in celebration of the Hope Diamond. I was mesmerized, but I just couldn't afford her, not even when she was on sale. I felt bad, and every so often when I had some money I would go searching for her online. The thing is that sometimes these doll's prices double once they are not available for sale anymore. It is understandable and that is why it is a great thing to collect. I even met a gentleman some years ago, who confessed to me that; though he doesn't love dolls, he considered them as an investment that benefits both him and the buyer. In that case me, since I was able to recover a doll that got damaged from my collection.

Years passed, and all of a sudden a weird obsession for a replica of the Hope Diamond hit me. I felt my mind was restless, and I just needed to have it. Of course, they are so expensive, that there was no way that I was going to be able to get my own, at least for now. However, such was my need to have it, that I attracted an opportunity to have both the doll I wanted and the replica, just not in my size.

Searching the web and auction sites, I found my holy grail of collectibles. I bumped into Gotta Toy (To read the review on Gotta Toy's service, click here). I became very interested in their collectibles, especially, because they seemed to have a few dolls that I wanted at a very reasonable price. I found the doll I needed to enhance my collection and so I bought her.

I am in love, I am happy, and I was able to update my display case where I can see my beautiful dolls displayed for this season. I may not have gotten the life-size Hope Diamond replica, but I sure got the doll for it in its place (If you want to see more about this doll, click here to read my review).

Do you collect anything yourself? I would love to hear about your collectibles in a commend below.

I hope you enjoyed sharing a little bit of my world through some of my hobbies. Have an amazing day and remember to smile; it's contagious!

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