Haunted Beauty (TM) Ghost Barbie (R) - Throwback review

(This was a review that I made for this doll when it came out in 2012. I am in the verge of merging my previous blog with this one, and since I will be reviewing more dolls of this collection in the near future, I thought it pertinent to repost this review here I will be deleting the old blog eventually and I know that a lot of people love this doll, so I thought I might as well show it here. It just makes it easier than going back and forth. Enjoy)

A Spook-tacular Sensation

Doll information
Doll Name: Haunted Beauty(TM) Ghost Barbie (R).
Brand: Barbie (R) by Mattel.
Release date: 10/11/2012 sold out 10/15/2012 restocked on 10/16/2012
Units: no more than 5,700
Designer: Bill Greening
Original Price: $100 usd (plus tax and shipping)
Series: First in the Haunted Beauty series.

Body type: Torso and Legs are Model Muse mold. Arms are movable from the joints. Head mold apparently from Nichelle.
Hair: Platinum color, long and wavy.
Eyes: Light blue, with a touch of gold.
Skin: Light
Makeup: Tones of Blue and Mauve. Some glitter on the eye-shadow and lips.
Outfit: Fluttery light fabrics in tones of different whites and gray.
Outfit accents: Chains
Shoes: No shoes, strips of fabric wrap her lower legs.
Other: Comes with stand. Base is white, and the support is transparent. It does not come with an authentication certificate.

Liked: Her white-wavy long hair, and facial features make a perfect attribution to the characteristics of this doll. I am in love with this doll. The box is black in the outside, and blue-grayish in the inside, which contrasts perfectly well with the light and mute colors of the doll's dress. I really liked the way her dress was designed and the details that make her look spook-tacular. She truly makes a perfect addition to any collector's display cabinets. I guess this is the reason why it was sold out in the first two days. They sold more a few days later, but I am guessing they were probably in back order.

Areas for improvement: Though I love Model Muse molds for the bodies of my Barbie Dolls, this doll has jointed arms, therefore I thought that her legs were jointed too. I would had really loved to see some stylish ghostly shoes on this doll. I know that ghosts technically float around, however, I was very curious about the shoe factor and it wasn't there. As a collector, having my "collector" dolls with the certificate of authenticity is very important. As mentioned before, this doll didn't have it, so that was disappointing. Customer service told me that not all dolls have them, however, the rest of the dolls in this line have included the certificate, so uniformity is greatly appreciated.

This is a video of when I unboxed this doll from the shipping package.
(Beware: The music is a bit creepy. I chose it because of the doll. If you don't like it please just turn it down, or play your favorite song while this video is running. Note that Agelessdolls was my nickname when I started my old blog. Yes this video is from back then 2012)

This doll is no longer available from the official barbiecollector.com website. However, you can still find her through other vendors. If you are interested, you can check her out through our Amazon Affiliate link:

I hope you enjoyed this throwback review, and if you liked this doll, don't forget to subscribe. There are more throwback reviews of this line coming soon, and a newer doll coming this fall 2015.

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