You have the power to be happy

I've been preaching for a while of being an optimistic by heart. I had a tough life as I was growing up, but I am okay with it, because I know it could have been worse. I like seeing the good side of everything, and holding on to the feeling that everything would be just fine.

Nonetheless, it is very easy to fall through the cracks and let a bad event pull you down like weights at the end of a fishing line. The good thing is that we all have the power to change that and resurface to catch one more ray of sunshine.

Yesterday wasn't a very good day for us. It was emotional, sad, and upsetting. Yes, even optimistic people have those types of days. However, yesterday I told myself that I was okay with crying, because all of those emotions needed to come out, so that they could be replaced for something better, and so the decree came to be.

This morning I said to myself: No matter what happened yesterday, I won't let it displace all the happiness I could have instead. No matter how sad or mad I was, I would rather laugh and smile. Today, is going to be a good day and I decide the way it starts.

I like meditating for a few minutes before I get out of bed every morning, and decide what type of day I am going to have. When I went to the kitchen to have breakfast, I noticed something beautiful, and I knew I just wanted to share it.

If life can manage to smile at me through my kitchen, the only thing I can do in return is smile back at life. Turn those upsetting events, or emotions around and make it a better day!

We all have the power to choose what type of day we want to have. It all starts at the moment you wake up. We can program ourselves to have a horrible day, or an amazing one. Even amazing days can have little delays here and there, but that is only if you doubt yourself. We are owners of our lives, we are owners of our days, so let us decide, and once again, make it a better day.

There is a common saying in Mexico that goes: "If you hang out with wolves, you'll learn how to howl." So I decide to hang out with happiness, and that makes my life more enjoyable.

So how is your day going so far, and what are you doing about it? Remember you can always take the first step towards a great day with a simple smile.

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