Haunted Beauty (TM) Vampire Barbie (R) A throwback review.

(Originally posted on October 15th, 2013. This was a review that I made for this doll when it came out in 2013. I am in the verge of merging my previous blog with this one, and since I will be reviewing more dolls of this collection in the near future, I thought it pertinent to repost this review here. I will be deleting the old blog eventually and I know that a lot of people love this doll, reason why I wanted to share it here. It is easier this way than to go back and forth from one blog to the other. Enjoy)

Fabulously Immortalized

Just about 2 weeks ago (Beginning of October 2013, remember it is a throwback review), my brother said: "Hey, your birthday is up coming, what do you want as a gift?" It might sound weird to some people since I am an adult, but my response was: "I want a barbie doll!" My brother of course understands, as when I said that he knew it was probably the second in a series that the wonderful people from Barbie Collectors brought out last year called: "Haunted Beauty Barbie". Last year´s doll was the Ghost Barbie, I had the feeling that this year was going to be a Vampire, and guess what? I was right. My brother smiled, as he gifted me last year´s doll, and though it would be cool to give me the second one as a gift to continue with this collection. Both my brother and I have collected toys since we were kids, so he knows very well that Barbie dolls are very special for me and I have much love for them, and being Halloween one of my favorite holidays, it was truly the perfect gift.
So thank you very much Brother, for making it possible, and now I get to review this beautiful doll.

Name: Haunted Beauty (TM) Vampire Barbie (R)
Series: 2nd in the Haunted Beauty series
Label: Gold Label
Original Price: $100.00 usd (dollars)
Face Mold: Louboutin
Body Type: Arms are movable (jointed) from wrist and elbows. Torso and legs are Model Muse style.

This is a beautiful doll, second in the Haunted Beauty (TM) series. This is a collector's item, and it is not meant to be a toy. The doll's hair is silky black, fixed in a bun adorned with different braids. It gives the doll a Gothic yet elegant feel. The doll is jointed from elbows and wrists allows the doll to be posed in different drop-dead-gorgeous positions.

Liked: Something that I really enjoyed was the makeup, and I loved the placement of the fangs, because they don't look bulky, and yet they visibly present. Her eyes are a mixture of gold and maroon, which was a nice choice. She has very pale skin, which made it ideal for the character and her dress makes her skin tone and hair color pop even more. For a truly Gothic look, this dress shows tones of red and black, which I thought perfect for this doll. The jacket/coat she wears is removable, making the dress and coat two separate pieces. This is a feature I loved, because if you are the type of collector that likes to take the dolls out of the box, you can take the coat off for a different display experience. The shape of her eyebrows is different from other dolls that I have seen before, and I have to say that I love her mysterious vampire expression.

Different from the previous doll in this series, this one does wear shoes, and they match the Gothic style beautifully.

 I loved the feeling of a very fashionable Transylvanian Gothess (New word, mixture of Gothic and Goddess) doll. She wears a glamorous golden accents in her dress, and a bedazzling red ring in her right hand.

A very special detail that I noticed was that her nails are slightly longer than a normal barbie doll would have, and with that black nail polish, wow, it just gives you that feeling of a real bewitching vampiress that has emerged from the very creative imagination of one of Barbie Collector´s greatest doll designers, the talented Bill Greening.

The doll comes with her stand, and for now, at least I can say that it will remain in her box to accompany my Haunted Beauty (TM) Ghost Barbie (R) doll in my doll cabinet. I got very excited and happy when I finally got her in the mail. The wait was finally over, but definitely worth it!

Happy early birthday gift to me! A very special thanks to my brother, once again, and I hope you guys enjoyed this review.

Areas of improvement: For this particular doll, there wasn't anything that I din't like or that thought may be an area for improvement. From the moment the doll was purchased, the shipping, packing, delivering, and the doll itself, everything went smooth and perfect.

NOTE: This doll is not longer available from the official barbiecollector.com website. However, if you are interested, you can find her through our Amazon Affiliate link below:

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